Student Sues High School After Being Suspended For Wearing Pro-Trump T-Shirt

by Brock Simmons

After being suspended for wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt to class, a high school student in Oregon is now suing the school, principal, and the school district.

Addison Barnes is a senior at the ironically named Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. He decided to wear a shirt reading “BORDER WALL CONSTRUCTION CO.” and “THE WALL JUST GOT 10 FEET TALLER” to a class involving people and politics. Apparently the teacher of the class had put up a poster advocating for open borders, and Barnes felt the need to advocate for the opposite position. For his trouble, the teenager was yanked out class by principal Amanda Ryan-Fear and told to either change his shirt or face suspension. Barnes chose the latter.


Addison Barnes has now filed a lawsuit in federal court, and is being represented by Oregon House minority leader Mike McLane in the case, claiming a violation of his 1st Amendment rights and suppression of free speech.

Of course the communist teacher who put up the open borders sign faced no repercussions.

KOIN 6 News reports:

Attorneys for Liberty High School senior Addison Barnes filed suit in Oregon’s Federal District Court, claiming that the school, located in the Hillsboro School District, suppressed Barnes’ right to political speech when administrators removed Barnes from class and told him he couldn’t wear a t-shirt because students found it offensive. The t-shirt, according to evidence submitted to the court, was printed with the words “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.,” and included the phrase “The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller” in quotes.

Barnes wore the t-shirt to his “People and Politics” class earlier this semester, when the class was scheduled to discuss immigration. The lawsuit says Liberty High School assistant principal Amanda Ryan-Fear took Barnes out of class and told him to cover up the shirt because it was offensive to a teacher and at least one other student.

Barnes initially covered up the shirt and returned to class, the suit says, but then decided that he was protected under the First Amendment and uncovered the t-shirt. Ryan-Fear sent a security guard to the classroom to remove Barnes and take him to her office, where she threatened him with a suspension for “defiance.” Barnes was given two options – cover up or go home – and he chose to leave the school, which was treated as a suspension.

McLane said no disturbance – other than Barnes’ removal from the classroom – was created because his client wore the t-shirt in question.

The attorney said opposing perspectives were welcomed, and even endorsed by the school. McLane said another teacher in the school hung a sign that said, “Sanctuary City, Welcome Home,” without incident.

“He has a right to free speech, just like liberals have the right to free speech,” McLane said.

The shirt is available at .


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