Does anyone remember Obama ?


Does anyone remember when James Clapper lied and said the NSA wasn’t spying on Americans ? And then we found out they were and Obama appointed James Clapper to investigate?

How about when Obama appointed Eric Holder to investigate whether or not the Justice Department did anything wrong during fast and furious. You know …where the Obama administration was running guns to Mexico in what was supposedly a sting … but they forgot to track the weapons which were later used to kill border agent Brian Terry.

Does anyone remember how a video caused an attack in Bengazi? Or How Obama gutted the military, or told you you could keep your doctor and your plan, or how the average family would save $2,500 a family?

Does anyone remember the Obama administration spending money to send Park Rangers to close national Monuments that didn’t actually cost any money to keep open, so he could blame republicans ?

Does Anyone remember how Rand Paul had to fight the the Obama administration until they finally backed down and said they didn’t have the authority to drone American citizens without due process?

Does Anyone remember how when a Federal Judge overturned the Indefinite Detention of American Citizens without Trial or charges, under NDAA, that Obama used a judge he appointed to re-instate it ?

Does anyone remember how many times Obama found out about a scandal in his administration, for the first time when he read it in the morning paper?

Does anyone remember when Obama traded 5 high level terrorists from Gitmo for Traitor Deserter Bowe Bergdahl?

Does anyone remember when Obama wanted to go to war in Syria and Americans were in an uproar and called Congress, and told them no … so Obama instead armed Syrian Rebels …. who happened to be Al Queda and ISIS, … and to be fair John McCain and Lindsey Graham helped him?

Does anyone remember Obama illegally postponing the Obamacare penalty till after the elections?

Does anyone remember Obama running the debt from 9 Trillion to 20 Trillion under a single presidency?

Does no one realize what kind of name Barrack Hussein Obama is ?

Does anyone remember how Obama’s college transcripts were hidden … or that his birth certificate was faked. Yes, it was proven, and yes the Doctor that certified it from Hawaii was in a plane crash …. and was the only person to die in the crash?

Does anyone remember how Trayvon Martin could be Obama’s son?

Does anyone remember Riots in Ferguson and Maryland, or dead cops across the country. Does anyone remember the mayor of Baltimore saying they gave the rioters space to loot and destroy?

Does anyone remember when Obama pulled the border patrol off the border ?

Does anyone remember that congress already voted for a wall and approved it … and Senators Obama, Biden and Clinton voted FOR it ?

Black lives Matter ? Antifa ?

Does anyone remember how many muslim extremist terrorist attacks there were during the Obama administration that had nothing to do with islam ?

Does anyone remember the Marine recruiting center shot up? That had nothing to do with Islam, and refused to order flags at half staff?

Does anyone remember Obama arming the muslim brotherhood with tanks and F-16’s?

Does anyone remember Obama’s complete disrespect towards Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu?

Does anyone remember Obama telling Putin he would have more lattitude after the election ?

Does anyone remember saying that America was one of the largest Muslim nations ? Or how Muslims built the fabric of America ?

Does anyone remember that Valerie Jarret was his chief advisor?

Does anyone remember how the Obama administration used the IRS to target conservative organizations ?

Does anyone remember Obama saying we were “Bitter Clingers to Guns and Religion” ?

Does anyone remember when Obama said he would not negotiate with Republicans …. but WOULD negotiate with Iran ?

Does anyone remember how Obama care was passed without a single republican vote because democrats refused any bipartisan discussion on it?

I don’t forget. No matter how much the history changers try to sweep it under the carpet.

No …. I do not forget. I could go on a lot longer … and I don’t even need to look this stuff up.

So next time the Media pulls some shit on Trump …. let’s put it in perspective…. after we fact check it.

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