The Patriot Ark …… The Last Ship?

The Patriot Ark ... The Last Ship

The Patriot Ark

Let’s be honest. We are all tired of being censored, and we are all tired of the PC Bull$hit. Everything that is destroying our Nation is exactly what we are NOT allowed to talk about.

We all have, or know friends that have done their stint in Facebook Jail. With us here on this page and our sister pages, they just go straight for 30 days in FB Jail. There is no recourse, and no one to talk to.  When some random liberal facebook employee decides they don’t like what you said … klink …. into the slammer you go.

Even Private Groups are no longer safe on Facebook. Their automated system will scrub offending meme’s even if no one complained about YOUR post.

The Patriot Ark may be the Last Ship leaving….

The Patriot Ark is just a private group where you not be banned for expressing your Patriot and non PC comments.

We took the time to make sure we had installed 2048 bit encryption. with SSL Encryption. 

But …. if you don’t want to hang out in OUR group …. no Problem….

we made it so you can make your OWN group,  for your people … a quiet place, with no one to bother you.

Why? Because enough is enough already. No membership fees. No dues, no requirements.

…. well …. there is ONE LITTLE REQUIREMENT. You’ve got to be a PATRIOT. If you are not … we will absolutely boot your ass in a second.  YES … Imagine that. Troll Free Chat Groups.

Nope. Not too good to be true.

As Patriots … pop in your Zip Code, and Allow Push Notifications, and you will be notified of any MINUTEMAN ALERTS in your area.

Support our Constitution, and Support America.


Veterans, Patriots and Americans….  Just do it in PATRIOT style without Big Brother Zuckerberg busting your shoes.

Have Facebook Groups or Pages ? What are you going to do when they get deleted ?

Start your own group here for a rainy day ….  and that day is here.

Twitter, Facebook and Redit in the last week have started to ban and delete accounts by the thousand.

Conservative Twitter users say their followers were purged in #TwitterLockout


Make an offsite group in a Patriot Safe environment.

KEEP THE TORCH OF LIBERTY BURNING before they put out the fires.



Set up your own profiles, make your own groups, and send friend requests, and messages all in a secure PATRIOT friendly environment.


It’s real simple:

1)  Sign Up

2) Log In

3) Join In





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