Purple HEart
On This Day in History

On This Day Washington creates the Purple Heart

On this day, August 7th,  in 1782, in Newburgh, New York, General George Washington, the commander in chief of the Continental Army, creates the “Badge for Military Merit,” a decoration consisting of a purple heart-shaped […]

Nuclear Test Ban
On This Day in History

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed

On This Day, August 5th, 1963, Representatives of the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which prohibited the testing of nuclear weapons in outer space, underwater, or […]

Jeffrey Amherst
On This Day in History

On This Day Lord Jeffrey Amherst dies

On this day, August 3rd, in 1797, Jeffrey Amherst, who twice refused the position of commander of British forces against the rebelling American patriots, dies at his estate, called Montreal, in England. Amherst is remembered […]

joseph priestley
On This Day in History

On This Day Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen

On this day August 1st, in 1774, dissenting British minister Joseph Priestley, author of Observations on Civil Liberty and the Nature and Justice of the War with America, discovers oxygen while serving as a tutor to […]