Asian tensions rise as North Korea launches 4 missiles into Sea of Japan

After eight years of blaming every ill on the North American continent on Bush, the liberal main stream media has been nothing but true to form in claiming that North Korean tensions are Trumps fault. On Monday, North Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles, 3 of which landed in the Sea of Japan, within Japan’s economic zone, according to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

As per North Korean, Pyongyang State Run Media, North Korea was practicing to hit US Military bases in Japan. North Korea has a long history of Saber Rattling, and poses a high risk to global stability as a rogue nation with nuclear capabilities.

On Tuesday, the United States began shipping THAAD missile defense systems to South Korea, and may possibly sell them to Japan as well, in light of the recent threat to Japanese territories. The THAAD ( Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ) system was designed by the US Military during the Gulf War in 1991 to counter Iraq’s Scud Missile threat. It is an anti ballistic missile system designed as a defense against short, medium and intermediate range missiles. It does not carry a warhead, but relies on kinetic energy to destroy incoming missiles. In plain English … it collides with them, using inertial force to destroy them. It is believed that the missiles launched by North Korea were SCUD2 type missiles. While the SCUD2 is not an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of hitting the United States, it is capable of carry a host of conventional, nuclear, chemical or biological weapon payloads.

THAAD Missile Defense System

Following the announcement of the THAAD shipments to South Korea, China lodged a complaint saying it would cause an arms escalation in the region. Main Stream Media wasted no time in saying that President Trump was inciting China with his reckless actions.

Under Obama, the democrats have reverted to appeasement for provocateurs such as Russia, ISIS, China, North Korea and Iran. This is the political strategy most noted for having been adopted by Britain prior to the Second World War, where diplomacy and negotiation were used in lieu firm resolutions, ultimatums and armed response to Nazi aggression. The strategy failed to recognize the significance of the threat from Germany, and was not reversed until Britain faced total annihilation.

The foreign policy strategy of the Obama administration similarly has failed to acknowledge the level of threat to US and Western Interests, while simultaneously degrading the capabilities of the US Military to meet threats. While President Trump has pledged to end Nation Building, he has been very outspoken about defeating ISIS, and increasing the United States military capabilities as a deterrence to global aggression.

The concept of concept of Peace through Strength is not new. It is ancient trusted military strategy dating back to early appearances in Latin in the 4th or 5th century. Si vis pacem, para bellum has been used as a military motto for over 1,500 years. Translated it means, “If you want peace, Prepare for War.”

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