“The Russians did it.” …. and other Sundry Narratives.

Obvious Decoy

Or … Does Jeff Sessions weigh as much as a duck ?

It was a bizarre thing to watch during the elections, but it was perhaps the first time that politicians and media alike threw all caution to the wind and joined a raging battle under the full light of day.  In today’s media circus, there is a new catch phrase being used to categorize everything we see and hear.  It is highly reminiscent of a movie from 1997, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro called “Wag the Dog”. For those of you that have never seen it, you should. It is as true today and as prescient as George Orwell was with 1984 about an entire election campaign based on fake news to cover up a real scandal.

Today everything you see and hear is a multimedia campaign to get you to support a “Narrative”. Someone’s Narrative. Since money and corruption have found their way deep into every aspect of our lives. It has become increasingly easy to find the scam under the narrative.

What’s the Narrative?

First of all, if you’re watching it on major network news, you can rest assured.. it is part of a “narrative.” A narrative is part of an elaborate ad campaign designed to promote an ideology, business or political agenda. It is a story line created to support facts, used to propagate a course of action that is beneficial to the creator of the Narrative.  There is very little information you see, read or hear about that has not been combed through and evaluated to determine if promotes a desired narrative, or not, and if it doesn’t support the narrative of those presenting it, they will simply not present it.

While this has always been true, it has taken on new meanings in the age of internet and complete corporate domination of all news agencies. The corporate sponsors now have complete control of what you see.  What started off as subliminal testing in movie theatre’s where they discovered they could increase snack sales by showing someone eating a sponsored item in the movie, has developed into an art form of what is nothing short of brainwashing.

An example of a narrative being used today, would be “racism”, or a “war on women”.  It is all part of the lefts “identity Politics” strategy. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the left has become the party of “feels”.  Everything revolves around reacting to feelings. Someone see’s “Trump2016” written in sidewalk chalk, and the “feel” threatened and need a safe place.  There is free speech to BE gay, but no religious freedom, or freedom of speech to say that they believe being gay is a sin. That is determined to be “hate” speech.

“A war on blacks” What a great Narrative that is. Made very popular during Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign. This was a campaign used against both his democrat AND republican challengers. By grouping blacks together in a cause, the cause can then be exploited by creating the impression that one party or a group of people are against that cause. In the case of race, it really is a very clear issue. Yes, you could say it is black and white. If you can create the impression that your opponent is against Black Issues, blacks will feel loyal to all of their fellow blacks and vote along with that group.

It was used very heavily against the Tea Party Movement, who were continuously called racists, to discredit their cause. White’s were shamed into believing they were racists, and as a result would never want to join an association like the Tea Party, who … according to the “Narrative”, were sponsored by the KKK.

Now the Tea Party had nothing to do with Race or the KKK. It was simply a conservative grass roots movement looking to rebel against the establishment, and stand firm with constitutional principles that resulted in the American Revolution. As a symbol of that rebellious spirit, they used the Gadsden flag and often what was known as the “Rebel Flag”. This was immediately seized on by the left as an opportunity to attack and discredit a large portion of the conservative population by saying that the reason they used the Rebel Flag, was because they supported putting blacks back in slave chains.

How convenient that was, considering the tremendous support the Tea Party was garnering at the time. In fact, it was so damning that even the right leaning establishment jumped right on this bandwagon, and used it to kill Tea Party and Conservative challenges to staunch GOP establishment candidates at various levels of election. After all, it was easy to throw gasoline on this pitchfork bearing and torch burning social lynch mob, and pretend it was all just the liberals doing it. This Narrative was used with tremendous success. That The Tea Party was a racist organization.

It reminds me of a lyric by Niemoller:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

After all, this has all been used before. First they came for the Tea Party, and I did not speak out, because I was not a racist.

You see, many a good person in Nazi Germany was thrown under the bus by simply steering the lynch mob at them. If you wanted to get rid of your neighbor, you simply called him a Jew, or a Jew sympathizer, and he was lumped in with what was being socially touted as a vile class of people, and burned at the stake. Now a days, there is a different cry being used … it is not “Jew”, it’s “Racist”. And how sweet it is, when you have convinced an entire country that just being BORN white, makes you a racist, and you have White Privilege, and need to have White Guilt.  

Heck, being White now is the modern day equivalent of being called a Jew in Nazi Germany. This campaign was far more successful than anyone could have dreamed … and yes, someone dreamed of it. It was not accidental, and it worked so well that Confederate flags were banned, the Dukes of Hazard were banned from TV, and no one wanted the General Lee anymore. Confederate flags were taken down from court houses, confederate cemeteries were defiled, and people of the south, both black and white, took it as a huge affront, because to them the flag was not a symbol of racial hatred, but a symbol of a defiant spirit of American Liberty.  

This leads to another area that I will only touch on briefly here, but in 1984 there were three major countries. Oceana, Eurasia and Eastasia. At any given time, Oceana was at war with either Eurasia or Eastasia. During the years they were at war with Eurasia, all books, information and the Narrative was changed to make it look as of Oceana was ALWAYS at war with Eurasia. And when Oceana was at war with Eastasia … it was ALWAYS at war with Eastasia, and always had been. In the days of the internet, how easy was it for all history to suddenly show and portray the Rebel Flag as the flag of racism ? That, of course was not what it meant at all, but from this day forwards … it will forever NOW be known as the racist flag. Do yourselves a favor. Buy a hard copy of an old encyclopedia set, or someone will be trying to convince you Lincoln was a Democrat. It’s much harder to change the written word than it is to change the bits and bites of the cloud. No, you’re not free to look at whatever you want on the internet… you’re free to look at whatever Google let’s you see. Ever ask yourself if Google has a Narrative too?

People have no interest in learning history, until a major social issue depends on it, and with internet, at whatever time that social issue rears its head, history will magically rewrite itself on the internet. If you can claim that fascism is an extreme right wing ideology, you can shame everyone on the right by calling them Nazi’s. Then, the history on the internet starts to change to support that idea, and the news agencies suddenly start to run stories about right wing extremist Nazi’s, and now suddenly you have a nation that can’t be Tea Party, because the Tea Party is racist, and you can’t have conservatives, because suddenly they’re all Nazi’s.  … and when they came for the conservatives .. there was no one left to speak out.

So if you’re a corporate owner of a major news agency, and you have a certain political leaning, and you control 1/5th of all news media, TV, print, internet and radio, and you want a democratic candidate to with the election you filter through everything that is shown to the public. If there is something that does not show Tea Party as racists .. you scrub it and don’t air it. It does not fit the “Narrative” and therefore does not help the impression you are trying to give.

If you happened to be Hillary Clinton fighting a primary against Barack Obama, you need to come up with your own Narrative. Obama used the one that labelled all white people as racist. GOP Establishment jumped on board with that because it worked well in killing their Tea Party opponents, and they could pretend it was the Democrats all along. In the case of Hillary Clinton, she was the creator of the Birther Movement. It was not created by Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, but by the early Clinton campaign to portray Obama as not natural born. It was a good play, and may even owe a good deal of its success due to the fact that a lot of evidence pointed to it being a credible claim. After the primaries were over, Republicans picked it up as a call to fight against Obama with, and Clinton quietly slipped out of the crowd and blamed it on the Republicans. That was very convenient for corporate media, who sold the Birther movement as right wing conspiracy, and Teflon Clinton skated right out of the hornets nest unscathed.

You see, the narrative is not just a News story. It is an entire fabrication of reality that uses everything you see and hear to give you an impression to make you sympathize with one group, or hate another group, to tighten those group bonds so you can pull a whole segment of the population by those puppet strings.

How about a Narrative on a different scale? Weapons of Mass Destruction. The whole premise of the war with Iraq was to seize stores of Chemical Weapons. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you can see it at work here. Whether you believe there were WMD’s or not, you cannot deny what narrative was driving a conflict in Iraq. It was all about the WMD’s. Or the 28 missing pages that implicated Saudi Arabia, not Iraq in 9-11, that lead to a search for WMD’s in the desert.

What was the Narrative that lead the US to back Syrian Rebels against Assad? If anyone recalled there, it was that Assad had used Chemical Weapons on the rebels. This is a great example of stretching a Narrative to fit your need. But, of course, according to a report by the UN and Russia, it was the rebels that had used the gas, and that … perhaps they got it from Saudi Arabia. So I guess sometimes you can beat a Narrative to death. WMD fizzled in Syria.

From 2007 to 2015, the race narrative was very effective in forwarding the policies of Obama, and in 2016 the Left attempted to stretch the narrative to cover Trump, with the familiar and previously successful use if the race card. But as I said, it had been ENORMOUSLY successful, leading to extremes. Leading to violence, and Riots, and murdered cops, and black protestors dragging white people out of their cars and beating them on the streets. Like WMD’s, the Race card was Fizzling. Time to go back to the Narrative well. On the one side we had the Crooked Hillary Narrative, and on the other side the scramble was underway to come up with a new Narrative. Due to concerns about Islamic Terrorism, the left seized an opportunity. Like painting the Tea Party as racist, the left immediately painted Muslims as the oppressed Jews, and Trump as Adolf Hitler…. It was effective … but not a homerun.

For a while they ran around with “Fake News” …. But if course that was as double edged as a sword… or a razor. After taunting muckraking independent journalists with the “Fake News” narrative, no one came out bloodier that CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Everyone’s hands were bleeding so badly, it was impossible to tell who was the assailant and who was the victim. Lesson learned. That was one razor that they ALL needed to put down.

Enter the Russians. The Russians are the new Narrative. The Mob is out with their torches and pitchforks, and they’re going to torch anything that might have sold us out to the Russkies. We’ve got that bonfire going. Trump is hiding it in his Tax Return, throw another Log on the fire, The Russian’s hacked the elections. Good one. Only it was the left saying the elections cannot be hacked. But, when you need a narrative, I guess you can always borrow one from the other side. “Yes! See, the republicans were right… the elections were rigged. By The Russians!” Well now, isn’t that clever how those two narratives got tied together. But the American People were already talking about hacked elections so why not run with it ? 

( Oh, the irony though. Can you see it now ? A bunch of commies running around burning people at the stake for talking to commies. Really, you can’t make this s… stuff up. )

But you know there is a funny thing about the narratives .. and if you follow them for a while you start to see a pattern. The Narratives have become left to right … and right to left. It’s a dance, or the rhythm of ice skating … or the tacking of a sail boat against the wind.

So as we throw Mike Flynn onto the fire, we have a good one going now. The mob is ready with their torches and pitchforks, and as the last of the screaming fades, and the corpse of General Flynn crisps and the fire starts to go down.  Someone points at that “Racist Bastard Jeff Sessions” ( that first demonizing attempt on Jeff Sessions as a racist hasn’t washed off yet)  and says … “What about him ? He talked to the Russkies, throw HIM on the fire too!”

All the while the sailboat is tacking left to right, and then right to left. Like the motions of the snake charmer… right to left … left to right… the narrative runs back and forth. And like the snake, so captivated by the back and forth motion, the snake appears charmed. We slip into that left right motion, and when it pushes left … we push back right, and when it pushes right, we push back left. All the while, not noticing that while the boat is tacking left and right … it is moving forwards, a few feet at a time. And we work so hard going with that motion of the narrative … that we exaust ourselves trying to arrest the left right motion, when all along it is the forward motion we should be fighting against. 

Like in so many other cases, the Narrative is a fabrication. A story that runs from fifty miles to the left, to fifty miles to the right. A long and grand tale, 100 miles in length, all to cover the fact that it moved forward… one inch.  So as that farmer grabs Jeff Sessions, and holds him up over the fire … you might want to ask yourself … did we stretch that narrative too far ? Is that the rage of your fire ? Or is it just the breeze on my face as the boat tacks back to the right.

Do you really think Jeff Sessions will burn in that fire ?  

Perhaps, we should take a lesson from Monty Python and see if Sessions weighs as much as a duck? ( Referencing another comical witch hunt )

How long do you think you can get by, saying…

“The Russians Did it. “ ?


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